Animal Health Week

A multimedia national awareness campaign to bring awareness to the Five Animal Freedoms.

Objective and Background

The objective of this project was to create cohesive marketing materials (and fundraising merchandise) for the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association's annual Animal Health Week. This year the theme was Animal Welfare: Safeguarding the Five Animal Freedoms. This project was completed during my contract with Simzer Design

Rough Sketches

The first phase in this project was a multitude of pencil sketches for the primary illustrative logo. As CVMA treats a multitude of types of animals, representation was pivotal.

Art Direction and Illustration

Art direction for this project had to appeal to a wide audience, from veterinarians to their clients, both farm animal owners and pet families. For this reason, I went with a bright, bold and family-friendly approach. My concept comprises of 5 animals, representing the diversity of the veterinarians’ scope of care. Each animal in the logo corresponds to both a colour, and elsewhere in the campaign, one of the five freedoms.

Awareness Poster

One of the first marketing pieced created, was an awareness poster. The objective of the poster was to inform veterinarian patients about the five freedoms and the health week campaign. They were primarily hung in clinic waiting rooms.

Embroidered Merchandise

The illustrated logo was used as an embroidery piece on several pieces of merchandise, including a scrubs, sweatshirts, backpacks, caps, among others.

Social Media

During Animal Health Week various events and fundraisers are held at clinics across Canada. In order to advertise these events and the Five Freedoms several graphics were created.

Pet Accessories

Additionally bowls, frisbees, and other pet accessories were created using elements of the original graphic.