Digital Signs

A concise digital sign; that displays directions, public service announcements and adverts for Constitution Square’s three towers.

Objective and Background

The objective of this project was to create a flexible layout and template for a series of digital signs which display directions, public service announcements and advertisements for Constitution Square’s three towers. The signage would be displayed in standard 16 by 9 monitors.

Rough Sketches

I began this project by listing out all the required content and sketching out possible layouts. The main layout would be for general announcements, providing directional and service information to visitors of the building.

Greyscale Layout

I then created a loose final greyscale layout for the signage. At this stage I determined content hierarchy and placement. As well, I decided that each new sign would scroll in, from left to right, replacing the previous sign.

Main Layout

At this point, I leveraged existing branding and photography to create a high fidelity version of the main layout. In this phase, I decided that a clean straight-on photo of each location mentioned would be the most efficient way to show the viewer what the location they are looking for should look like.

Splash Screen

A splash screen was then added as an additional layout. This acted as a placeholder, if a loop of signs was for some reason, unavailable. Additionally it also acted as a branded first screen in each loop.

Branded Content

Expanding on the main layout, I also created an alternate layout for branded content, which allowed space for a logo. Not all tenants of Constitution Square had their own logos and branding, so this was an optional feature.

Final Signage

Finally, a template was created in After Effects which could easily be filled with the content from various businesses. Shown here, is the proof of concept created (time paused on each screen has been trimmed down for the purposes of this demo).