PerBeat Branding


Inspired by those who have to work on election day, this app concept seeks to fulfill the objective of keeping them in the loop, with the latest results at a glance.


Low Fidelity Layout

The process began by identifying the user’s needs, for this reason both national and local data is incorporated. Various grayscale layouts were then created to determine a rough layout of content. As well, at this stage final visuals were conceptualized.

Opening screens

High Fidelity Leaderboards

In the next stage, the final look and feel of the two key leaderboards was finalized. The ability to be used as a quick at-a-glance reference point was emphasized in this design solution with its simple crisp look.

Pattern and Trend Screens

High Fidelity Mocked Up

After completing the visuals, the final design was mocked up in a workplace context. At this point in time, a motion graphics proof of concept was planned, and assets made.

Concept Demo

The final After Effects demonstration illustrates the products look and feel, as well as the user’s experience navigating between local and national leaderboards.