Animated Iconset

A cohesive animated iconset, which illustrates 6 common actions.

Rough Sketches

I began this project with a series of rough sketches for several possible actions, that would require iconography. The objective was to select common actions, that could be visualized through a simple transition animation, when triggered.

Passive and Active Icon States

Each icon has both a passive and active state. Icons are in a passive state before an action takes place. After being clicked, they enter the active state. This state indicates that an action is or has taken place. At this phase in the project, I illustrated a vector icon for each of these states, for each icon.

Creative Direction

At this phase, I decided that icons in an active state, would be more recognizable with a highlight colour. I selected a simple 3-colour palette to emphasize this. Passive icons, would remain in greyscale until activated.

Final Concept Demo

Finally, a proof of concept motion graphic was created to demonstrate how each icon would react when activated with.