Motion Reel

A sample of my personal and professional Motion Design work.

Objective and Background

The goal of this project, was to amalgamate multiple shorter work samples into a one, easily shareable demo.

Rough Bumper Sketches

I began this project by roughly sketching and inking out possible intro graphics.

Bumper Illustration

I then created the assets for the bumper animation. My concept was to incorporate a simple iconic illustration of myself at my work station, into the wordmark for my personal branding.

Reel Clips

I then sorted through various projects for the clips to fill out the body of this reel. I chose to focus on illustrative projects to present a cohesive body of work.

2018 Mini Demo Reel

I then cut together the final reel, seen here. The final product was created in After Effects. Illustrator and Photoshop were also utilized for the creation of illustrated assets for the various projects highlighted.