Original illustrations, collected in a colouring book that is perfect for a calm colouring session.


Overgrown is a collection of several of my personal illustrations which stylistically lended themselves to the format of a colouring book. Floral and botanical elements are a running theme tying the selection together.

First Sample Spread

Each spread consists of one character illustration and a repeating pattern. A square format and the play on positive and negative space within each spread, was selected to make this particular colouring book a little unconventional. As so often these products start to look quite similar, differentiated only by their subject matter, the slightly tweaked formatting provides a uniqueness to the product.

Second Sample Spread

As in this example, some of the pattern selections are interlocking, creating vine-like imagery. The elements in each pattern are comprised of elements from their corresponding illustration.

Third Spread

Spreads flip in order from one spread to the next, the pattern being on the left and character on the right, then the inverse. This is to allow the character illustrations to always lead inward.

Fourth Sample Spread

The subjects of each illustration is meant to be slightly tweaked, off-kilter versions of animals and people with that bizarre botanical twist. This choice, creates interesting and unusual shapes for the prospective colourist.

Final Sample Spread

This spread is another example of the interlocking pattern. Elements from the bear’s ear vine were intertwined with the vines wrapping around his mid section to create it.