A simple and clean landing page concept, for a plant staging service's e-commerce site.

Rough Sketches

I began by roughly sketching out wireframes for the desktop and mobile layouts. I also sketched out a dialogue box that would appear when a product/package is selected, this would allow a customer to customize their request and provide information about their needs.


I then pulled from a series of references to create a mood board for the brand and subsequently the wordmark. I also added an optional tagline, to explain the business simply.

Grey Scale Layouts

I then created greyscale layouts in photoshop (I sometimes use sketch for this phase), at this point. Here I established the general layout, some of the copy and refined the flow.

Visual Design

I then applied branding, photography, and final copy to both the landing page and the pop-up module. As for art direction, I chose a clean and direct approach. The colour palette is extremely simple, bordering on monochromatic, aside from the accent colour.

Motion Demo

From the visual design, I created a motion graphics demo in After Effects. This would be a tool to help developers visualize the final product and how it is intended to behave.