University of Ottawa Brochures

A brochures series created for the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Continued Education.

Objective and Background

During my time at Simzer Design, I was tasked with creating a standard look for a series of brochures for Centre for Continued Education at the University of Ottawa that was both on-brand for the university and recognizable as the Continued Education.

Layout Sketches

I began this project by sketching out a series of possible layouts for both the cover and interior layout, based on the initial content provided by the client.

Cover Concepts

Initially I began the process by selecting audio, and sketching out possible bumper graphics.

CCEAC Layout

Each organization within Continued Education required its own 4-page brochure. We began by with the Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption as model for future brochures.

ISCC and Alternate Layouts

As each organization had slightly different marketing goals, demographics and content, the layout had to be flexible to suit these needs. Here is a layout for the Institute for Strategic Communications and Change

Digital Versions

Alternative versions for each brochure were produced to be downloaded via the university website.